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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Teutonian land of glory and hope,
lead by the holy star of Benz,
where money is the biggest dope,
and gold has innumerable friends.

Land of forgotten sages: Kant and Schopenhauer,
Nietzsche and Leibnitz and many more.
Land of the highest wages: Becker and Beckenbauer.
Land of an entire socker star galore.

Why bother about Beathove,
an old guy, deaf and gloomy?
Goethe in his Weimar cove,
Writing verses much too bloomy?

Now we have the superstars,
and Nena and Pur and Heino.
Who cares, that it is just a farce,
which could make cry a rhino?

German values are with the banks,
or converted into expensive cars.
The showmen enjoy the highest ranks,
and live in schicky-micky bars.

One dreams of red Ferraris shining,
and to be a star on television.
And our sages are all whining,
instead of going on a mission.