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micropatterns of nature 

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Ship of Folly

Who is the biggest fool aboard?
Everyone a buffoon, so betrothen,
tuning his folly’s fine accord.
All soon will be forgotten.

From look-out to the coxswain,
one sees important people only,
though if you gaze at them, once again,
they reveal fools, revel with a jester, oh so lonely.

They enjoy their own sunshine,
play theater for themselves,
for real life they not destine,
and are vain, like fairies, pixies and elves.

If a statesman, or a stately actor,
could one tell the difference,
with time they become a public factor,
whenever there is a crowd in presence.

They cannot see their self-made folly,
admire themselves on television,
always appearing smart and jolly,
and the nation buckles, in submission.

Without them, the world would just despair,
they run it as their exquisite gem.
But considered with voyance clair:
The cemeteries are full of them.