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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

This butterfly, the new German woman,
did not arise from a cocoon,
but rather from a wartime debris domaine,
full of grey ladies, aged too soon.

But during our industrial boom,
colours brightened up her wings,
and soon had forgotten all her gloom,
since every day, a new fashion brings.

Females now think they’re a kind of art,
do train muscles, style their bodies,
drive Porsches and talk very smart;
they just behave like Hollywoodies.

Women are no longer soft,
slaughter every lazy drone,
inspired by Miss Lara Croft,
proudly about us men, they prone.

But Microsoft is our saviour,
stupefies this modern gender,
stops women’s belligerant behaviour,
and does virtual them render.

So let’s all pray to Billy Gates,
and his microsoftish mates,
that they come up with brandnew tools
to shelter us from female rules.