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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Arisen from amino acids,
life develops on and on,
but instead of species placid,
it creates the mastodon.

When T. rex is finally ex,
swept away by earth’s collision,
fauna and flora still perplex,
homo sapiens starts his mission.

Since his first day of arrival,
a species clever, brute and sly,
he develops strategies for survival,
is selfish instead of modest and shy.
With increasing reproduction,
he turns himself into a beast,
practises murder and destruction,
changes blood baths into feasts.

To heal the world from such behaviour,
something had to happen soon:
One invents the mystical saviour,
law and order, and hi noon.

Is it true or is it fiction,
that the world is good and brave?
Philosophers like contradiction,
and meanwhile boldly rules the knave.