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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Even after fourty licks
I am not at all effected.
Didn’t give me any kicks,
am still cool, calm and collected.

So come on, tell me, Jagger Mick,
how to enhance female reaction,
share with me your dirty tricks,
how to get the girls in action.

Come on then, you stone old rooster,
on ruby Tuesday or right now,
and do lent me your start-up booster,
because my engine runs too low.

Shall brown sugar I consume,
or ask Keith for some white powder?
Both more effective, I assume,
than a spicy fish eye chowder?

Did you get then what you wanted?
If not, it’s sad, sad, sad.
Are by your own image you still haunted?
If yes, it’s bad, bad, bad.

When you are one hundred, still world touring,
doing, to the chagrin of your children, your jumpy Micky flash,
I see the sympathetic devil luring,
who wants his price for all the cash.