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micropatterns of nature 

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Upright Swabian by his birth,
and a bit hectic by nature,
though wearing the poetical girth,
to become a bard so mature.

Of brigandage he may have dreamed,
though finally fought with his pen,
dedicated, so it seemed,
to expose abusive men.

Goethe was challenged by his gift,
made believe they were good friends,
so that the master image would not shift,
and to keep the glory in his hands.

Yet German people love the former,
having given them so many sayings.
Wolfgang was just a performer,
now famous for his scientific mislayings.

Friedrich, you will never be forgotten,
like literature made for fashion,
all the work you have begotten,
is esteemed by every nation.

Without your awful Swabian flaw,
you would long have been made Swiss,
instead, they made it national law,
that Tell and Francs are highest bliss.