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World Cup

What better gears excitement up,
than competition of good socker,
the all commercial worldly cup,
what business, for beta blocker.

The heroes of many a nation,
hack along the magic ball,
and it causes high sensation,
when in the penalty area they fall.

But why blame spectator freaks,
in this worldwide sportive trade,
if already the ancient Greeks,
games, profit-oriented, made?

Let them wave their national flags,
paint their pale anonymous faces,
wear their nationalistic rags,
so we can differentiate the races.

Ukraine – Germany: 3 : 0,
what a national desaster.
The krauts swallow this bitter pill,
along with alcoholic plaster.

And if the final is all over,
Let’s hope for god there is no fight,
and nobody has to bite the clover.
It’s a game, no war. Allright?