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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

When Boris Becker, boom, boom, boom,
not expecting any harass,
was caught by tax inspector’s zoom,
this did him, quite, embarrass.

Though with pomp, a steeped tradition of the rich,
is to hide away their mighty treasure,
to find legal, or covert, niche
for withdrawing support with pleasure.

Who is to blame, man or state,
their creed so nicely matching?
Although one could well debate,
if state is not foo far fetching.

Compared with our neighbours, Swiss,
our system is too much Prussian.
Should be replaced by better bliss,
but please, don’t make it Russian.

Then Boris would be boom boom happy,
and keep is dough in German land,
would be a rich and smiling chappy:
This is how we like an end.