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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

What would life be without vices?
Boring, empty, dull and hollow.
Everyone invents devices
and habits bad enough to follow.

The gambler is risking all his wealth,
the dwarf usually craves for power,
the junky knowingly destroys his health,
the boozer drinks his stomach sour.

So-called sportsman builds his body,
the leacher lewdly lusts all night,
the skinhead will trash everybody,
filling brave citizens with fright.

Others again cannot stop smoking,
sport freaks like to run forever,
the glutton is already choking,
because he stops eating, never.

The housewife loves her yellow pill,
washed down with a ginger beer.
Masochists like painful thrill,
and fetishists their rubber gear.

Lack of virtue is the rule,
and may the pope get all excited.
It’s understood by every fool:
By vices mankind is united.