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micropatterns of nature 

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Fashion makes the world go round,
people are styling their appearance.
All kind of trends can now be found,
extravagancy becomes inherence.

Short or tight, or fancy, pants,
important is the designer’s name,
who creates fashion with his own hands.
Fashion without name: What shame!

As consumers have no style themselves,
they are experts in impersonating.
Buy character right from the shelves,
and think they are just fascinating.

There are many splendid casts to play:
Macho, tennis crack or millionaire.
It’s ”in” pretending that you are gay,
or wobbling busts in open air.

Advertisments do wash your brain,
make you think you are a champ,
when you Camel boot through Spain,
and sleep in a wild forest camp.

Ads turn you in a Barbie doll,
you hop from dress to dress.
Benetton ads pay high blood toll,
show people in distress.

Is this culture? What do you guess?