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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

If our prairie shivers, and the earth quakes,
is this the end of our time?
Even Sitting Bull awakes,
suspecting some invasion crime.

Red Bulls, filled to the brim with vigor,
attack every country of this earth.
So, what is contained in this magic liquor,
Which to endless energy gives birth?

Is it pantothene, niacin or taurin,
which lend to our limbs such strength?
Or is it the effect of pure caffeine,
which one notices only, at length?

The Colanese tremble in fear,
sitting on thousands unsold bottles,
as the picture comes, slowly, more clear:
Red Bull the Cola turnover throttles.

Since Red Bull lets us grow wings,
the people from Bad Fuschl brag.
Perhaps this is not the truest of all things,
Rather still a witty PR gag.

Wooing is part of our life,
as is, now, a principle of nature.
Red Bull phantasies deprive,
workaday life becomes to mature.