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micropatterns of nature 

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Tumbling Towers

Which religion does have our God,
and is it one, or many?
It may be that HE has a lot,
or does he not need any?

And to whom does HE belong,
who has the right religion?
Does it render all others wrong,
are they all mere fiction?

As there is no court for this,
we all see ours at the only true,
give disbelievers a cold dismiss,
as they have, of faith, no clue.

In their mania to be unique,
they meanly fight all heretics,
although it is more than oblique,
that they have the same genetics.

When Kain did his brother slain,
it became clear that man is bad,
that every effort is in vain,
to change this matter, so very sad.

To be perfect, one should be God,
and not a miserable sinner,
because a poor and earthly slot,
will never be a divine winner.