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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Although we are merely a species of many,
we behave quite callous and reckless,
are neither candid, nor with much canny,
wether our earth is well, or in distress.

Whoever said, that we should rule this globe,
did us no favour with this call,
as it served us just as dope,
to gamble until we loose it all.

We just cannot go without depleting,
the natural goods of mother earth,
and all the nations are competing,
to make the bad a little worse.

All we need is sun and fun,
and not rainy forest’s green,
which we abuse as rightless dun,
to pay for our life-style spleen.

For species variety, we have zoological parks,
where we can meet our forebears.
The monkey’s rock, with familiarity sparks,
and teaches mockery, to our heirs.

Consumption produces heaps of waste,
and much of which we send to orbit,
so we can prevent all earthly haste,
in believing that our environment is morbid.

However, threatened by the next Deluge,
well announced through press and web,
The world’s surfer population, so huge,
Will be gone with the wave’s ebb.