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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Adidas, Puma, Nike,
things a man needs to survive,
Reeboks or such alike,
give a sense to useless life.

From Dior or Lagerfeld a suit,
soaked with expensive Chanel Eau,
makes even Frankenstein quite cute,
earning him the adverb ”beau”.

A Breitling at his right-hand wrist,
he steers a red Ferrari car,
although with old McAllan pissed,
the world thinks he is wunderbar.

Burger-eating makes him king,
his polo shirt states that he is Boss,
whisky-boozing makes him sing,
help forget, that he is just a loss.

He wastes all his life on glitter,
such making many corporates rich,
endlessly buying worthless flitter,
living in the consumer ditch.

For profit only corporates strive,
in Asian sweat shops they invest,
where workers lack quality of life,
allowed to vote, slaves for the rest.