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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view
O tempora, o mores . . .

. . . did our ancestors complain,
that all efforts to improve morals,
were honorable, though in vain,
despite singing psalms and chorals.

Even during the times of Osiris,
people were quite ill-behaved,
as documented by papyris,
manners were more lost, than saved.

The tribes living on the Easter islands,
were no Southern Sea romanticists,
and as food was often not at hands,
they became stone god fetishists.

Our most holy inquisition,
much liked robbing disbelievers,
pretending to be on godly mission,
they turned into gold hoarding reavers.

Earth is a vale of misery,
a poet once cried in despair.
Man does not like moral chiselry,
is creedy, selfish and unfair.

We have to face that which is in the genes,
confess we are not for virtue striving,
but rather for hate wisdom and all preaching means.
Nevertheless, we are surviving.