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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

Gallia is split in three divisions –
Caesar begins his comments,
and, without any lack of vision,
decides to turn Gauls into friends.

But whoever writes his private story,
is tempted to whitewash the bad,
lustily lends himself glory,
and is never, never, sad.

A man, bold, proud and vain,
his only fear is loosing hair,
has many of his assailants slain,
and has left nations in despair.

Gallia once duly subdued,
he is soon getting bored in Rome,
sits on his golden throne like glued,
and gets quite annoyed at home.

What luck that he can take his shield,
to chase Pompeius, once son-in-law,
from the Dalmatian battlefield,
where Julius almost knew a blow.

But our nearly bold womanizer,
jerks up like a skip-jack,
now he is a lot more wiser.
Watch out Pompy, Jules is back!

But jumping on Africa’s shore,
he fell down, what lack of grace,
and what never happened before,
digs deep in the sand his face.

But no emperor makes faults,
he shouts, that everyone can hear,
whilst widening his arms to vaults:
"Africa, I embrace you, dear!"