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micropatterns of nature 

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Viva Escriva?

About tolerance a book once wrote
the coffee drinker from Ferney,
implying without any dote,
that churches preach, though do not obey.

If priest, archbishop or pope,
they are all ruled by human genes,
use power as their earthly dope,
act less than kings and more like queens.

Some err, though others found a way,
to cruisade against the disbeliever.
From tolerance they lead astray,
obsessed by fundamentalistic fever.

The result always justifies the means,
the Loyola addicts once declared.
If dressed in cowls or now in jeans,
for injustice they are still prepared.

The wayfinders follow on this track,
laden with gold to buy their way,
a Christian but quite wolfish pack:
They prey, devour and then pray.