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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view

When Europa was courted by Mr. Bull,
he must have been out of his mind,
because her chest was no more full,
and her reaction quite unkind.

But things are very different now,
the entire situation turned around:
Today, Europa is a cow,
which makest not the slightest sound,

when she is milked by everyone.
She ruminates tax payer’s fodder,
innocently smiling like a nun,
when commissioners fondle her udder.

A blue golden starred flag
flaps proudly on your stable’s roof,
and underneath the widespread shag
is ample space for many a hoof.

Europa, alma mater, EC nurse,
give us manna, milk and honey.
Empty out your silken purse,
and give us all your money.

About your calf’s fathers you not worry,
you still hunger, need and creed.
But one day you may feel quite sorry,
when they to the slaughterhouse you lead.