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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view
Baden Revolution

Long Wei himself, the mighty dragon,
quickly escaped my painting brush,
and will very soon devour, I reckon,
Honkong’s island rich and lush.

To Baden exists no slightest link,
despite wall sited Struwe and Hecker.
They gloomily stare from the brink,
and think that I’m a fecker.

So, why the hell did I decide
to plant Baden’s motley banner
on this Chinese junk so light?
By god, truly I have no manner.

This painting has no message not,
and contains no wisdom pearls.
The people not make up a plot,
against some mighty triade earls.

I painted it just for my fun,
liked playing around with colors.
It lacks any philosphical pun,
and will not be sold for dollars.

But still, if you then like a link,
noodles may serve for the latter,
as Marco brought it from the Chink,
and now our spätzles are far better.