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micropatterns of nature 

extra large view
Route 66

Yankee doodle, Yankee diddle,
where is this road endlessly long?
Whoever may once solve this riddle,
to which country, it may belong?

It’s a paradise on earth,
where people do have endless fun,
unless they lie beneath the hearth,
because somebody used his gun.

Michelin had designed their shapes,
they look huge and much inflated.
you could mistake them for apes,
and not to human kind related.

They wear big hats, drive massive cars,
eat junk food twenty four hour.
They hang around in glittery bars,
drink gallons of whisky sour.

They almost live a virtual life,
based on Hollywood movies.
For money they desperately strive,
take wifes just for their dowries.

Dream, they are the masters of this globe,
because they are the richest and strongest.
But, measuring with a cultural probe,
their belief is by far the wrongest.